No one is ever satisfied where he is.Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Leadership coaching


Performance goals of today’s leaders are demanding. The pace is increasing and the pressure is constantly growing.

Coaching is there to support you by providing you a space where you can:

  • explore new perspectives
  • challenge yourself 
  • bounce off ideas 
  • think out aloud without being judged 
  • find a healthy work-life balance
  • become more aware of yourself and the world around you


Embark with me on a journey and discover more about yourself and the people around you, and how adapting and connecting with them in different ways can have a positive impact on you and them. As an Insights Discovery® Licensed Practitioner and as a Coach, who is Certified in Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ), I can take you on a discovery journey that will be inspiring for you and that will offer you a unique personal development experience.

Leadership coaching with a Coach, who is Certified in Conversational Intelligence®, can help you to establish a coaching culture in your company or organization, and the benefits such a coaching culture consequently brings about.

Leadership coaching with a Coach, who is Certified in Conversational Intelligence®, is also beneficial for junior and future leaders, and has shown excellent results when offered to high potentials in leadership development programs right from their start.

Interested in finding out more? 

Then reach out to set up an appointment to talk about how you and your organization can benefit from my experience and skills to improve leadership effectiveness and to establish a culture of trust and personal growth






“Working with Ute as my coach has enabled me to manage my situations better! Ute while very personable was also extremely professional in every interaction. She helped me to focus on the important aspects of my business and empowered me to design a better strategy, which I am now successfully using! What a difference her coaching has made to me! I can highly recommend Ute."