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Business English & Culture

We at Business English & Culture help build culture through conversations. 
We listen and co-create with individuals, teams and organizations to build healthy and sustainable workplaces for everyone to thrive - personally and economically. 

We do this in the outdoors, in our new and inspiring premises, in a virtual environment. 

Discover your choices with us!

Ute Franzen-Waschke

Ute enjoys working in an international environment and is passionate about developing people – especially when they are challenged with relationships at work, change initiatives, corporate culture, and communication in a work environment that has become more and more complex. Every client is different, and so Ute’s approach is custom-tailored to the individual needs of the client and the organization. When coaching one to one, Ute helps her clients to build on their natural strengths, supports in developing confidence in various business situations, and when stuck, Ute is there to help develop new perspectives. When working with teams or groups in corporate settings an integral part is to facilitate trust building and a healthy communication culture which is the best fertile ground for anything the team and the organization wants to accomplish.

Ute has worked over the last decades with suppliers to the automotive industry, insurance companies, consultancies and an incubator (start-up) agency. She holds an MA in International Business Communication and Coaching (WBIS) and is a Certified Team Coach and Trainer. Ute is Certified in Judith E. Glaser’s body of work Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) and The REACH Method and embodies both frameworks when working with her clients. Ute trains and certifies coaches with Personal Change Systems & Prof. Dr. Andy Molinsky for The REACH Method, and is a member of the Certification & Leadership Team. 

Ute also worked for more than a decade in multinationals as an employee both in her home country as well as abroad. With that comes a very good understanding of the business situations organizations and corporate clients are facing. In 2021 Ute is embarking on an exciting research journey with the University of Chester, UK, on a D(Prof) doctoral program.