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Communication and Collaboration

Target Group: Leaders and Executives, Project leaders as well as employees who interact in a global environment, who coordinate cross-functional or cross-divisional tasks or who have positions and roles at critical interfaces. We will be working in English as most of the people, to whom this offer applies, use English in their international work environment. Participants, whose first language is not English, will therefore also have the possibility to also hone their language skills in a safe environment with challenging tasks such as 
Performance, Feedback and Appraisal Conversations, 
Team Meetings and Workshops at various levels in the organization and in international settings. Simultaneously, participants will have the chance to also refine their own facilitation skills in English as well as acquire new knowledge and techniques in group facilitation, coaching and mentoring.

1-2-1 Coaching in German and/or English with or without ROI (Return on Investment) Analysis

Stakeholder interviews and 360 degree feedback.










Team Building und Team Development

Team Coaching

Customer-specific workshops around topics such as communication, establishing trust, resilience, conflict management, work-life balance, and working remotely.

Peer-to-Peer Coaching & Mentoring Circle

Target group: Department leaders, team and group leaders, members with leadership tasks in challenging roles and situations - topics are determined by the needs of the participants

Virtual Learning Journeys

Powered by Howspace- to maximize participation, co-creation and sustainable results for your teams and organization.

Join this 3–4-month leadership development program which is designed to allow formal and informal leaders: 

  • to experiment with technology in a safe environment, 
  • to try out new tech features which you might not have used yet, or in which you'd like to become more confident in using them before introducing them in a workplace setting; 
  • to work with a virtual collaboration platform that invites engagement in synchronous and asynchronous ways - incorporating AI and other useful features for state-of-the-art hybrid work environments; 
  • to learn from peers while experimenting in the field with leadership and communication approaches adapted and fine-tuned for hybrid and remote work environments,
  • and ... to receive coaching along the way

This program has been proven in a corporate environment as an in-company leadership development program for formal and informal leaders. The program is based on latest scientific findings and research.

Participants, who completed the program, have reported that the different components contributed to this program being successful and rewarding for them in their development as leaders in remote and hybrid work settings.

This new leadership development program is delivered fully remote, with synchronous (i.e live elements on Zoom or MS Teams) and asynchronous elements on Howspace. 

The program also invites reflections about role definitions and role understanding, different leadership styles, their pros and cons, as well as their implications and possible adaptations when leading a hybrid and/or remote workforce.


Schedule a call with Ute or send an email to Ute. She will then connect with you and see how this program or a custom-taylored version of it can help you, your leaders, and your organization to make your hybrid and remote workplace settings more engaging.