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How to create a successful remote work culture

A Guide to Using the PPAS Maturity Model®

An indispensable and practical how to guide for employers and employees on navigating the new corporate paradigm of working from home.

The COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 brought many challenges into our lives, and yet it also made space for new paradigms to emerge. One of those paradigm shifts was a changing corporate viewpoint on employees working from home.  The battles fought in organizations around the privilege of working from home was suddenly seen through a different lens. Necessity became the mother of invention and creativity.

The guide provides access to ready-to-use templates to start the conversation with employers and employees on the experience of working from home, with or without a coach at your side, and an overview of how to best navigate through your learnings and experiences in a structured, reflective, and forward-looking manner.

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Changing Conversations for a Changing World

is a must-read for leaders everywhere who have to adapt to their changing world if they wish to succeed and thrive.

Praise from Global Leaders

“The timing of this new book is perfect! The outstanding, deeply thought-provoking and inspiring chapters in “Changing Conversations for a Changing World” will not just improve our listening skills but will make us better leaders too.”
~John Saunders, President & Chief Executive Officer, FleishmanHillard, Inc.

“Changing Conversations is an insightful, practical and inspirational read that will appeal to anyone interested in leveraging the power of conversation for the greater good.”
~ Andy Molinsky, PhD, Professor and award-winning author of Global Dexterity and Reach

“This is a spectacular excursion into human conversations and effective leadership which offers a spectrum of easy-to-use tools and real-life case studies that can be integrated into everyday life for both personal and professional development.”
~Hilde Falun Strom and Sunniva Sorby, Hearts in the Ice

Available in print and eBook on Amazon and booksellers everywhere

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Changing Conversations for a Changing World Vol 2

How COVID-19 Changed the Future of Work: Aspirations, Opportunities, Best Practices

In these chapters, you will learn about an online tool that helps align employee personal values with that of the corporation. You’ll read case histories from coaches who re- imagined in person workshops and training sessions for virtual sessions, learning new presentation skills, creating virtual safe spaces, interactive environments, social gathering spots, and co-creation opportunities for participants.

They also share some exciting tools they used that made this possible. Other coaches address the topics of change and polarity, creating a future hybrid workplace by understanding employee needs, and creating understanding so continuity and change can co-exist within organizations.

The ten authors of this book, from across Europe and the U.S., all members of the European C-IQ Collective, represent diverse perspectives, cultures, and experiences. In August 2020, the European C-IQ (Conversational Intelligence®️) Collective published the first volume of Changing Conversations for a Changing World, capturing a multitude of perspectives from professional coaches who all share a common foundation in Judith E. Glaser’s Conversational Intelligence®️.

Very similar to the first book, Volume Two is a collection of vantage points, of experiences and insights. It presents differentiated engagements in the form of case studies, exploration of values and personal growth. The chapters are as diverse as the authors and the circumstances they depict. They are examples of understanding and adapting to unique needs. Perhaps they inspire you to consider how you could support the uniqueness that is your organization or team.

Available in print and eBook on Amazon and booksellers everywhere

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My Articles on Forbes

Responsibility, Ownership And Accountability At Work

Sep 8, 2021

What Deborah wrote about having "living WoWs" comes with a commitment from each and every team member; namely, to speak up when WoWs need revisiting. But there is natural resistance toward this commitment. After all, how often is there anxiety attached to bringing up unpopular topics because you don't want to ruffle feathers? How often does someone want to avoid rocking the boat? How often do individuals feel a sense of resentment and exhaustion about why it’s always me who has to bring these topics up?

Where is the Corporate World Headed after the Pandemic - The Answer is complex

Jul 26, 2021

Last year at this time, we were in the midst of an experiment. We were on the precipice of something new, a shift of an old paradigm — namely the changing corporate viewpoint on employees working from home. Now, one year later, we are pros on the remote work front. We can manage Zoom and MS Team Calls. We've overcome technical challenges and have become more understanding of kids, cats, dogs and spouses being on camera during work meetings.

Stokkete -

Braving The Virtual Blues: How To Stay Effective And In Touch

Apr 20, 2021

My colleague and co-writer Deborah Goldstein explored in her most recent article how challenging it can be to "manage up." As Dana Rousmaniere stated in an HBR article (registration required), “[Managing up] means being the most effective employee you can be, creating value for your boss and your company.” As we have entered an era of increased remote working, the understanding of what it means to be effective has changed considerably. So, let’s take a look at the modern distractors that can get in the way of being that “most effective employee.”

Why Teams Should Prioritize Conviction And Co-Creation Over Consensus And Compromise

Jan 6, 2021

What would it take for your team to be open to trying something new as an experiment? That's a question my writing partner and colleague Deborah Goldstein asked in her article, exploring the topic of resistance while implementing change and working toward creating successful teams.

edwardolive -

Learn To Dance With Your Team And Get Ready For Some New Moves!

Aug 26, 2020

In a series of articles investigating the dance of co-creation, my colleague Deborah and I have explored aspects to maximize your team’s ability to not only work together but to actually co-create. Deborah and I have used metaphors such as "choreography" and "dance" — the alignment of steps and rhythms that connect your team in their mission to achieving joint goals by also looking at how the component of trust influences how coherently we all dance together. Today, I'd like to invite you to reflect on how well you and your team trust each other.

momius -

Co-Creation: Buzzword Or A New Philosophy Of Working?

Jun 24, 2020

In 2016, I enrolled in the inaugural program of Conversation Intelligence with Judith E. Glaser, author of Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results, and learned of the noun “co-creation” and the verb “co-create.” Before then, I had come across "collaborate" and "create," but "co-create" was a new word for me as a nonnative speaker of English. As a language trainer and communication skills expert, I have a certain interest in words, and that’s why I remember that this word was not a popular word back in 2016. Put another way, it didn't get many hits when running a Google search. 

Photocreo Bednarek -

On The Precipice Of A Culture Shift, Adaptation May Come At Warp Speed

May 19, 2020

Previously, I wrote about polar bears and how quickly they seem to have adapted to changing environments, while also pointing out that, typically, we humans do not adapt as quickly. Maybe I didn't have a lot of confidence in my own species at that time, but things can change. Urgency, readiness and environment are all key factors in any change initiative.

chrupka -

What Can Polar Bears Teach Us About Adaptability In The Workplace?

Jan 3, 2020

You might be surprised by this article’s title and the question. However, stay with me for a moment, and I’ll explain how polar bears relate to you and your business.

Two women I admire, Hilde Fålun Strøm and Sunniva Sorby, are currently spending nine months — September 2019 to May 2020 — in a Trapper’s Hut in Svalbard, Norway, without electricity. Ninety days were spent in complete darkness. The reason? They’re conducting various citizen science projects to engage a global community around the topic of our climate.

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