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Your Team’s Hub Away from the Office and Away from Home

Light and bright rooms for you and your team to boost creativity, innovation, and foster connection and belonging.

Are you looking for a place: 

  • for your group or team to meet away from the office without maxing out your budget.
  • for you and your group or team to ‘hang out’ together and at the same time get ‘real work done’?
  • to just experience remote, off-site, and hybrid work in a different way?

then check out “Our Hub”.

You will find high-speed internet and high-tech equipment that serves you in the best possible manner in today’s progressive workplace settings and an experienced coach to support and facilitate your mission – all in one place.

The photos and video clips here only serve as a first impression. 

Check out “Our Hub” and visit us on site in real life or on a live virtual tour. 

Email us to make an appointment  Find "Our Hub" on google maps